29th of June 2021 we have organized the Multiplier Events for the SUBFLY Project. At 15:00 (Romanian time) we started in Romania and at 16:00 (Norwegian time) we started in Norway. 31 guests from different universities, banks, companies, or entrepreneurs were physically present at the Multiplier Event in Romania, besides guests joining on Zoom. 8 guests were physically present at the Multiplier Event in Norway, besides guests joining on Zoom

SUBFLY Project was implemented by Babes-Bolyai University and University of South-Eastern Norway between September 2018 and June 2021. The total budget approved is 167.716 Euro.

5 courses and a Methodology for SUBFLY type activities were designed, representing Intellectual Output 1. Students involved have created 33 Reports, out of which the best 12 are published on projects’ website, representing Intellectual Output 2.

5 intensive programs were implemented out of 6 assumed. The last activity was canceled due to travelling restrictions imposed due to Covid 19 pandemic.

A total of 140 students (81 Norwegians and 59 Romanians) and 17 professors (8 Norwegians and 9 Romanians) were involved in the Project.

2 research articles have been elaborated. 1 article is already published by Review of Business Research (https://rbr-journal.org/RBR-JOURNAL/Default.aspx) and the second one is submitted for publication to Sustainability Journal.

3 new projects have been created all submitted for financing. SUBFLY – Students Democracy is financed by SEE Grants under the contract 19-COP-0042, being under implementation. Other 2 projects were not financed. For one of them we are working to improve it and resubmit for financing.

SUBFLY has inspired a Carrousel Project, implemented by Babes-Bolyai University in partnership with Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN).

Multiplier event Romania


Multiplier event Norway